Ayşe Çelem Design

Ayşe Çelem Design is an award winning full service graphic design firm specializing in corporate communication and marketing tools, print and digital.

We are obsessive about... conceptual thinking, out of the box fresh design ideas and creative solutions that work!

Ayşe Çelem

Born in Buenos Aires Argentina, Ayşe Çelem lived 4 years in Moscow, 3 years in Paris, 1 year in Nairobi. She graduated from the Middle East Technical University as a Chemical Engineer... and ended up in advertising. Debuted at J. Walter Thompson / Manajans, worked at Young & Rubicam / Reklamevi for 3 years before moving to New York (5 years) to study graphic design at Parsons, the New School for Design. Joined Rowan & Martin Design followed by inc3. Ayşe Çelem moved back to Istanbul in the year 2000 to start up Ayşe Çelem Design. She served as a board member of GMK (Graphic Design Association) between 2006 and 2008.


2018 Graphis - Kutnia, Logo: Typography, Silver Award
2018 Graphis - Kutnia, Logo: Branding, Honorable Mention Award
2016 Graphis - Bakucha, Logo, Merit Award
2016 Graphis - Doyado, Logo, Merit Award
2016 Graphis - Villa Akbük, Branding, Merit Award
2016 Graphis - Doyado, Branding, Merit Award
2016 Graphis - Sahi, Packaging, Silver Award
2015 Graphis - Coca-Cola, Calendar, Silver Award
2013 Communication Arts - Coca-Cola, Calendar
2013 HOW - Coca-Cola, Calendar
2013 GMK - Coca-Cola, Calendar
2011 GMK - CızBız Köfte, Corporate Identity
2008 GMK - Urbanista, Logo
2007 GMK - Karınca Design, T-shirt
2007 GMK - Ayşe Çelem Design, Street Art T-shirt Packaging
2006 HOW - Mavi, İstanbul T-shirt
2006 GMK - Mavi, Magnet
2006 GMK - Organik 29, Corporate Identity
2005 GMK - Mavi, Bread & Butter Berlin Exhibit Design
2005 GMK - Mavi, İstanbul T-shirt
2001 GMK - Ixir, Zakki T-shirt